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What Do Taxation Services Include?

Taxation services in Singapore offer guidance and solutions to various tax-related matters. A tax specialist provides professional advice to clients in all areas of the tax system, including tax planning and risk mitigation.

What Kind of Tax System Does Singapore Use?

Singapore is recognised internationally for its relatively simple, efficient and competitive tax system. Its tax revenue collection comprises corporate tax, personal tax, Goods and Services tax (GST) and property tax.

How Casey Lin & Co. Can Help

We provide a wide range of taxation services in Singapore that help companies remain compliant with all tax regulations, reduce tax liabilities, and keep to strict deadlines.

For companies that need an extra hand, engaging a tax consultant firm can allow them to focus on their day-to-day operations while their tax obligations are well looked after.

At Casey Lin & Co., we provide various business solutions including management consultancy and efficient taxation services.

Corporate Tax

What Is Corporate Tax?

Corporate tax is a direct tax levied on the company's net income or profit. In Singapore, a single-tier corporate tax system is applied to all companies. The standard corporate tax is at a flat rate of 17%.

Who Needs to Pay Corporate Tax in Singapore?

Under the Income Tax Act, all companies (resident and non-resident) that have chargeable income derived from or remitted to Singapore are required to pay corporate tax.

Every ACRA-registered company is required to comply with Singapore IRAS tax filing regulations. With frequent changes to tax legislation, it is critical that companies keep up to date with the fast-changing and dynamic regulatory requirements and incorporate tax incentives into their business plans to maximise returns.

Our team offers effective tax compliance advice, manages your tax issues in an efficient manner and builds personalised tax strategies to manage your company’s risk exposure.

Our services include:
  • Advising on the Estimated Chargeable Income filing
  • Filing of annual tax return (Form C and Form CS)
  • Preparation and submission of corporate tax computation with relevant schedules
  • Verification of Notice of Assessment from IRAS against the tax computation
  • Application for Certificate of Residence
  • Application of Tax waiver and Tax clearance
  • Attend to queries from IRAS and clarification on tax matters
  • Any ad hoc correspondence or objection lodged with the Comptroller of Income tax

Personal / Individual Tax

What Is Personal/Individual Income Tax?

Personal or individual income tax is a direct tax levied on wages, salaries, investments and any forms of income generated by an individual or family unit. Personal income tax rates in Singapore depend on an individual’s income bracket and residency status.

Why Do I Need to Pay Personal/Individual Income Tax?

Personal income tax is an important source of revenue for the government to fund public infrastructure, goods and services. In Singapore, personal tax rates range from 0% to 22%, making it one of the lowest individual tax rates in the world.

What Is the Penalty for Not Declaring Personal/Individual Income Tax on Time?

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) will take action against the individual if the declaration and payment of personal income tax fails to meet the stipulated deadline.

All Salaried Employees, Sole-proprietors and Partnerships are liable to file their tax return on their yearly earnings in Singapore to IRAS by 18 April of the following year. We can assist in the declaration of personal incomes and utilise relevant tax incentives and reliefs.

Our services include:
  • Preparation and submission of individual income tax returns (Form B/B1)
  • Preparation and submission of Withholding Tax (Form 21)ha
  • Verification of the Notice of Assessment from IRAS against the tax computation
  • To attend to the queries from IRAS and clarification on tax matters
  • Any ad-hoc correspondences or objections lodged with IRAS

GST Filing Services

GST is a self-assessed tax and any business in Singapore is required to be GST registered if the turnover is S$1 million or above. However, the company can choose to or voluntarily be GST registered.

Our team is well equipped to advise on registration and compliance matters.

Our services include:
  • GST registration
  • GST De-registration
  • Filing of GST returns (monthly or quarterly basis)
  • Other Tax Matters

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