Audit & Assurance

Our audit firm provides efficient, effective, accurate and high quality audit and assurance services. Our fees are fair and reasonable

  • Statutory Audits
  • Limited Scope Audits
  • Agreed upon Procedures
  • Independent Verification of Financial and Non-Financial Data
  • Grant Claims Audit
  • Certification of Capital Expenditure to qualify for Tax Incentives

Audit of Financial Statements

We lend credibility to your company’s financial statements for the purpose of statutory filing in Singapore and in attracting potential investors as well as reporting to your Home’s / Country’s Office for Group consolidation. Our risk-based audit approach focuses on business drivers, the associated risks, and the potential effects on the financial statements. We also assist you in identifying areas for improvement in your internal control system and implementation.

How We Work

Our approach is proactive. Our methodology is developed to ensure delivery of a high quality audit to the client and compliance with the Singapore Auditing Standards FRS and IFRS. A risk-based approach is adopted. Key financial risks and issues that are important to management are identified through understanding of the business operations and the company’s control environment. This allows customised audit procedures to be designed and audit effort to be focused on key audit areas. Casey Lin & Company has more than 30 years of experience in developing staff with practical understanding of business, comprehending relevant facts and applying sound judgement in providing solutions to suit each client’s particular business characteristics.

Benefits to our Clients

We are able to provide cost effective and efficient assurance services:

  • Our pool of dedicated and committed professionals understand that time is of essence and shall work very closely with you in meeting critical deadlines.
  • We remain accessible and responsive to your company throughout the year, pre-empting your needs while providing suggestions on how those needs could be met.
  • Our audit teams are well-trained and well-equipped with the latest accounting and auditing information to perform efficient and effective audits.
  • We are not just your auditor, but also your business partner. We share your insights into the critical issues affecting your business and industry. Accordingly, we will endeavour to help mitigate your business risks today and prepare you for their future impact.
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